Your Own Super Bowl XLVI Moment

Over the past two days, I’ve watched a lot of celebrating…especially by the New York Giants. And with due cause: to win the Super Bowl is an accomplishment worth celebrating. That one win represents months and months of preparation and hard work. Think about it: we only saw the Giants play 24 games this season: 4 preseason, 16 regular season, and 4 playoff games. 24 games…that’s all we saw. But it took months and months or working and practicing nearly every single day for them to arrive at just one game, the Super Bowl. And for the Giants, they seized their Super Bowl moment…so celebrating makes perfect sense.

But I bet if you asked any of them what they’ll be thinking about after this week is over, they’ll quickly respond and let your know that somewhere in the back of their mind, they’re already thinking about that next workout, that next practice, and the next Super Bowl…Super Bowl XLVII.

Now you and I have these moments too. We have our Super Bowl moments. And while they may not be on a national stage with millions watching, they’re no less important to you or those you lead.

You know what it feels like to put in months and months of work. You know what it feels like to let a project or initiative become part of our your very soul. You know what it’s like to spend your best intellectual property to move your own figurative ball down the field. And you know what it feels like to reap the reward, to get the win, to know that you’ve done your best.

So when those moments come, celebrate. Go ahead and party…it’s ok! But then be ready to move on, to get back to work, to put in the time. Because we all know that yesterday’s success are never sufficient for tomorrow’s opportunities.