Change the World with 4 Words

Over the past few years of working with 20somethings, I’ve realized that there are four words that have the potential to change the world. At the very least, they are words that have the potential to change someone’s personal world. They’re words that I know changed my world:

I Believe In You.

I believe in you…probably one of the most powerful statements anyone could make. When those four words are used it unlocks undiscovered potential. They seemingly give desired permission. They allow someone to do and think things about themselves that weren’t previously possible or believable. And if I’ve learned one thing, it’s that sometimes the thing we need most in life is someone who will believe greater things about us and want greater things for us than perhaps we can even believe about or want for ourselves.

So as you lead today, whether in your home or in your workplace or in your community, I encourage you to wisely look for opportunities to share those four words. Don’t just use them flippantly, but where you see untapped potential, where you see trustworthy competency, where you see faithful character, use them…and watch those four words change the world.

  • Cleuireid

    GREAT INSIGHT!!! And just imagine the impact for Eternity purposes that those four words can accomplish…..over and over and over again!